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Speech Language Therapy
private practice in Montreal




My name is Shiri Singer and I'm a certified speech-language pathologist and proud owner of Speaking of Speech Language Therapy. Before I got my Masters in speech language pathology from the University of British Columbia. I taught piano for 9 years  and I tutored children with learning disabilities. As a speech-language pathologist, I have helped children in  their homes, in private clinics, in schools, and in daycares. Setting up my home clinic has been a dream  come true and has allowed me to help even more children in Montreal improve their communication skills. 

The clinic


 As a speech-language pathologist, I love learning about Montessori pedagogy and you will see that my home clinic is also Montessori inspired.  I only display a few activities every week to help improve kids' concentration. There is a place for everything and everything in its place. I prefer natural materials and beautiful colours. Having a select number of appealing activities at eye level invites the child to play and to focus. I store and rotate toys out of sight and out of reach, so that I can bring out new, fun and challenging activities on a regular basis.  

You and your child


Yes! You are a member of my team. I believe it is vital to work together with families.  As parents, you communicate with your children every day. You are your children's lifelong teachers. Here, parents are involved in choosing the goals we work towards in speech therapy. Your beliefs and preferences are valued. We figure out ways that you can help your child in the context of your daily routines and activities. An hour of speech therapy per week is great. But a parent that feels empowered and well equipped to help their child 7 days a week - that's incredible!  

Shiri Singer M.Sc.

Speech-Language Pathologist member of the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec